Who leads the Jewish People' – By Yaara Salamon Michaeli'

who realy run this world

An open discussion:

Since the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, there has been no single body that has a leadership position over the entire Jewish diaspora.

Various branches of Judaism, as well as Jewish religious or secular communities and political movements around the world, elect or appoint their governing bodies, often subdivided by country or region.

Not just that, but The phrase “Jewish leadership” itself is ambiguous one: Does it means leadership by Jews? leadership of Jews? could it also means leadership in a Jewish way- according to Judaic principles and values?

So who runs the Jewish world?
• The rabbinical institute?
• The Israeli prime minister?
• The Israeli presidents?
• The head of the UJC?
• The head of the WJC ?

Who should run it?
What is my part in it?